Thursday, June 25, 2015


Let's start with some things positive. Well, apart from work and work and work during weekdays, I am up and about with April on weekend, to beaches, cafes and buddies places. Well, not many cafes we can go now as most of them are closing down. Apparently, it's hard to survive in Singapore.

Last weekend, though, we got to know a new pet cafe, called Roboyes at the Eastern part; 34 Cassia Crescent #01-82 to be exact, super cute place. 

That's April and the Roboyes's cafe own baby. He is a Maltipoo called Buddy. He is so adorable, a little timid, but he flopped down when you carry him and just mold into you!

She got so comfortable with their bed, she rested so well and was such in a good mood that she voluntarily let the owners of the cafe carry her all around without a peep! I hope they strike a lotto or something.

Now, that's cheeky Princess girl, another Maltipoo. So pretty!

That's... err... Mashimaro wannabe!! Hehehe... Hansel boy!!!

This is all of us!! Roboyes is a cosy comfy cafe that has cute decorations, reminds me of a nursery. They have a photo op place in a corner with an air balloon, I so wanted to put April in and take a photo!

The food menu is of limited choices now, but it's quite yummy and reasonably priced. This is just one of our order, forgotten to take the rest of them.

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