Monday, December 17, 2012

Long overdue pics of Sydney!!!

Went there early September, weather was just right. Sydney was as beautiful as I have ever remembered. The smell of the wind, the feeling of fond familiarity of the city was unbelievably incredible. Still missing it so today. Here are some of my most favorite photos! Enjoy!!

On the way to Orange Picking, Watkins Orchard
Seeing this picture bring tears to my eyes, haven't seen Daddy laughing so heartily in a while....

My fave pic with bro and *ahem* hopefully, future sister in law. We, I mostly love her to bits!!

All of us, my most favorite people in the whole wide world!!

Anddd... what is Sydney without my gang of loveliest friends????

So touched that they came all the way to City on my last night although it was a weekday. Love them all!!

Kinda tiring uploading them all up here, if you are interested, see them all here:

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