Saturday, June 20, 2015

New Blog!!!

This will be my 3rd blog, post number 676. Renamed the last blog to something else as there's too much information in there that I think will be harmful not just to myself in the long way.

Just thinking of getting a fresh start again at 30 years old. Moved over some posts from the previous blog that I still cannot get over with!

Looking back on my first blog post ever written on 3 March 2005, this is what I said:
Usually, people will find another person to talk about their heart problems. Well, I used to do that, however, since I learned how people think and judge, I picked up a habit of writing. Writing makes me feel better, much much better and nobody can judge me.

I used to keep diaries, but now I have an online blog, for strangers, like you, to laugh and cry with me.
Then, the first post on my 2nd blog:
3/3/05 - the first post in my blog was written.
I was anonymous in this blog for years. No pictures, no names, nothing. At that point of time, it seems like the best idea to stay that way. No one knows you, so they can't judge you. How I wished I didn't change my mind.
Those who know me would understand that the point of this blog is just a way for me to vent my desire to write. I love to write, always have. This blog has been supporting my 493 posts and I have a special bonding with blogger and accustomed with the name 'hearwhatiwrite'. Just as I refused to change my MSN hotmail address, although I am seriously embarrassed by it.
This blog was NEVER my diary, it was just personal, nothing private. From my personal thoughts, it has evolved into a place where my close friends are updated about what's going on with my life and I enjoyed it that way most. No one knows about this blog because it's never been disclosed in MSN, Facebook or Friendster publicly. So, when it backfired in the most hurting way possible, I decide to start afresh. It's the best feeling, as if to have finally gotten rid of a bag of rotten potatoes from my back.
Even as sucky as it is now in Blogger, even though Livejournal is damn tempting, I refuse to jump the ship because my Dad just lectured me on loyalty.
Here we are, back to square one.
Once again, bear with me.
Still felt the same way, but apparently I lost the urge to write as much as I did. Probably forgotten the purpose of writing in the first place. Here I am, starting to learn to love writing again or probably just me learning to love life all over again...

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