Sunday, January 6, 2013

PawGlam Collar Episode

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Those who know me will know that I am a very reasonable person when I buy things. I have always been willing to compromise as I believe in this word; Karma, strongly. My parents are in the service business, I don't want my Karma goes to them being treated badly instead. Thus, it takes a lot and I mean a lot, for my patience to run dry. I felt so disappointed and cheated by this purchase of PawGlam Collar. Bought two from them previously and I know what quality I expected from them. It's not easy to irk me, yet when it does, it does me bad.
Summary: Item bought and worn twice, when the lace frayed, Pawglam refused to fix it. Well, not refused, but agreed to fix at $20. When the new piece was bought at $32.90. Worse, a friend who bought the same piece experienced the same faulty lace too. Yeah well, Pawglam blatantly refused to take responsibility, saying it isn't their fault the lace is not a better quality. At the end, they gave a pathetic 15% discount for next purchase. 

UPDATE LATER THAT NIGHT: Pawglam after much pestering from my friend, who of course, more stubborn than me said that they will do a one to one exchange. That, too after a very much pestering that they insincerely proposed the idea. Probably after they checked their faulty lace. Anyway, I refused the offer and will continue to hate them. FYI, they didn't call up or message me to offer the exchange/ fixing, but asked through my friend. Sincere? Very!

UPDATE LATER LATER NEXT WEEK: Pawglam didn't do a one to one exchange to my friend. They replaced the lace part to something uglier. Sigh...

Full encounter below:

Bought this pretty piece from them $32.90. Bought I think Mid May or whatever I don't remember, but I took it out on 24th May to visit Daddy at MBS. Worn first time. It was a pretty light outing, a little walk here and there.

Second time worn just yesterday for an outing at a friend's place, well April did not play and stayed in my lap the whole bloody night. When I got home, I took out her collar to find a  badly frayed corner. I thought April might have scratched it, so I tested to pull a little on its rim to test its strength. Yea, no strength needed, just a tug and it's all gone to pieces. Sucks to the max! If it were strong and I know April might have accidentally scratched it, I WILL pay the fixing fee, and my message would be honestly this, "Hi, April has accidentally scratched this, can you help me fix it, I don't mind topping some $$." With a quality like this, no way...

So, the message goes as attached below, word for word.

Uh.. so what if it was a gift, although it wasn't, but it's not nice to put things that way. Felt a little offended, but maybe I shouldn't be too sensitive, I thought. So I let it go.
Not a person to end things on a bad note, I ended it nicely, albeit sarcastically. Don't know if she is trying to match my sarcasm with the reply below. Can't she tell I'm ending my business with them here?

Upset, I took things onto my own hands, I cut the bottom part off, in tears, mind you.
I love my things and I have feelings for them =(

Thought gonna just shut up and let it go when my friend Lydia bought the same piece as me and got the same problem, too. Same problem, same answer!!!! Obviously something is wrong with your craftmanshipppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO a recall on this design, omg...

Allright, some also say that I am cheapo, yeah whatever, would I cheat a $20. Me lehhhh... meeee.....!!!
I sent her this on March and I understand that wearing off is a norm, didn't kick a fuss when she said she doesn't recondition. I understand... Even when the collar compared to the one I bought years go from Bangkok and worn to beach and rough plays hasn't worn off yet, still questionably awful. Yet, I understand and bought another one from her. 

Now, you tell me, what kind of service is this? Am I being demanding and unreasonable here?